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Talent Development Secondary

Talent Development Secondary

Talent Development Secondary provides the right supports to the right students at the right time helping every student on the path to college and career readiness. With 15 years of experience in low-performing schools and a research base developed at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Education, Talent Development Secondary brings engaging instruction, solid organization and student, teacher and administrative support to schools that may have more challenges than resources.


Built on four pillars of school success, Talent Development Secondary becomes a solid partner in districts, schools and classrooms. On-site staff provides consistent help in implementing the schedule, curriculum and instruction that will make a difference in how students learn and how teachers teach. Professional development is continual, consistent and specific to the needs of each school and its staff.

Pillar I: Teacher Teams and Small Learning Communities
  • Teams of teachers working with a common and manageable set of students, with time built into their schedule for collaborative work and receive initial facilitation to guide their efforts.
Pillar II: Specialized Curriculum and Coaching
  • Instructional materials that use evidence based practice to close student skills gaps and build their advanced thinking skills linked with on-site embedded professional development via instructional coaches and professional learning communities.
Pillar III: Tiered Student Supports
  • A data guided, tiered student support system that uses early warning indicators and an integrated system of whole school, targeted and intensive supports to get the right intervention, to the right student, at the right time at the scale and intensity required (along with rapid recovery options when this does not work).
Pillar IV: Can-Do Climate for Students and Staff
  • Create a productive, consistent, and supportive school environment that provides clear pathways to school success and college and career readiness in a manner that is comprehensible to students,  builds on their interests, develops their strengths and ignites their passions and establishes and enables a Can do Culture among the school staff.
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