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Present and Accounted For: Partnership Effects on Student Attendance

Present and Accounted For: Partnership Effects on Student Attendance

Reducing student absenteeism and truancy is a goal of many schools across the country. Surprisingly little research focuses on what schools can do to increase and sustain students’ daily attendance, and even fewer studies explore how family–school–community partnerships may contribute to this goal.


In this longitudinal study, data were collected on schools’ rates of daily student attendance and chronic absenteeism and on specific partnership practices that were implemented to help increase or sustain student attendance. Results indicate that several family–school–community partnership practices predict an increase in daily attendance, a decrease in chronic absenteeism, or both. The data suggest that schools may be able to increase student attendance in elementary school by implementing specific family and community involvement activities.

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The full article first appeared as “Present and accounted for: partnership effects on student attendance” Epstein, J. L. & Sheldon, S. B.  (2002).   The Journal of Educational Research, 95, 308 – 318, available here in pdf.

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