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HomeWork: Lessons Learned in the Home for Success in School & Life

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All the items on this page support Maxine J. Wood’s Ed.D book, HomeWork: Lessons Learned in the Home for Success in School & Life. Click on the links below for information about HomeWork or to access the myriad of references and resources detailed in the book.

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What is HomeWork?
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What is HomeWork?

Homework the Whole Family Can Learn From

HomeWork: Lessons Learned in the Home for Success in School & Life is a resource book for training parents and those in parenting roles to effectively guide their child(ren) in the “home” ways that support their learning in school and beyond.

HomeWork stresses the significance of parents helping their child(ren) focus on areas of behavior, character education, and values they deem important for their growth and development.

While HomeWork is not a traditional ‘how-to’ book, it offers clear explanations and practical applications, readying parents for increased success working with their child(ren) at home.

HomeWork strives to equip parents well, and build their confidence for success in this role. Through sustained, effective use, HomeWork: Lessons Learned in the Home for Success in School & Life has the potential to broadly impact children’s success as they continue to learn, grow, and develop in school and throughout their lives.

HomeWork’s lessons plan uses a defined protocol that includes:

  • Varied strategies, methods and activities to guide parents
  • Original, creative activities that allow parents to share important beliefs, ideas, goals and expectations with their children



HomeWork Resources

HomeWork: Lessons Learned in the Home for Success in School & Life contains many resources, references, and web links embedded in the book. The references are located on this page to download and are meant to be used in conjunction with HomeWork. We encourage you to check back for new & updated resources, or you can join Homework’s Resource Network and receive email notifications when new or updated resources are available!


Chapter Participation Form (Printable PDF)

Chapter Participation Form (Downloadable PDF Form)

Participation Form (Printable PDF)

Participation Form (Download PDF Form)


Family Reading Resource Guides

HomeWork Lessons Learned in the Home for Success in School & Life contains a Family Reading Resource Guide. Because the resource guide is constantly updated, we are offering the full resource guide online. You may download each chapter’s guide or download a complete resource guide list for all ten chapters.

Chapter 1: Learning: A Good Beginning

Chapter 2: Responsibility: A Basic Skill

Chapter 3: Encouragement: A Critical Component

Chapter 4: Persistence: Hang in There

Chapter 5: Honesty: A Guiding Principle

Chapter 6: Creativity, Talent: A Special Gift

Chapter 7: Cleanliness: Is Habit Forming

Chapter 8: Respect for Self and Others: Yours for the Asking

Chapter 9: Self-Motivation: It’s Your Move

Chapter 10: Heritage, Legacy: Looking Back, Moving Forward

Family Reading Resource Guide: Complete


How to Purchase HomeWork and Its Participant’s Guide

HomeWork: Lessons Learned in the Home for Success in School & Life and its companion Participant’s Guides are available at Amazon.

HomeWork: Lessons Learned in the Home for Success in School and Life is written for professionals who work with parents and caregivers as a training resource to prepare them to perform successfully as their children’s primary teachers in the home. The book can be a viable reference for helping parents and caregivers become more competent, capable, and comfortable contributors to their children’s growth and development.

HomeWork provides those who work with parents, particularly parents living in poverty, with a framework and set of strategies and tools to increase the intentionality and effectiveness of parents’ efforts to help their children succeed in school and in life. Click here to purchase from Amazon.


HomeWork’s “Participant’s Handbook” is a companion resource to guide parents’ or caregivers’ individual learning. It includes opportunities for personal journaling, note-taking, and reflecting their input, understanding, and remembrances for the theme in HomeWork. Each chapter consists of four specific components and gives clarity, understanding, and reinforcement as parents participate in and complete their training in HomeWork.

Each of the ten chapters contain narratives for the Introspection, Retrospection, Roundabout and Action components as they appear in the HomeWork instructors’ guide. Activities Completed Together (A.C.T.) are provided at the end of each of the ten chapters for parents and caregivers to use at home with their children. Click here to purchase from Amazon.



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