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Forum Resources

The Evidence-Based High School Design Forum is designed to increase state-level understanding of evidence-based school redesign.

The forum’s organization around learning by doing, allows for knowledge building materials to be made available ahead of time, so the participants’ time together will be dedicated to collectively analyzing and applying evidence-based strategies and tools towards high school improvement.

We have a variety of materials available, and hope you have the time to review and participate in all.

Pre-Event Survey

Take the High School Redesign Forum Pre-Event Survey.   We want to build on the knowledge that exists among the attending states. To help with that we have prepared a short eight-question survey below to help identify area(s) where the state or district(s) within the state have built up an area of know-how in high school reform and redesign.





Teacher Teams is a six-minute audiocast cohosted by Dr. Robert Balfanz, Director of the Everyone Graduates Center at Johns Hopkins University and Linda Muskauski, Knowledge Development Director at the Everyone Graduates Center at Johns Hopkins University. The pair discuss how teacher teams serve as the building blocks for high school redesign initiatives.




Redesigning Student Support Systems is a six-minute video which examines how high schools can redesign their student support systems using the A-B-Cs of Attendance, Behavior and Course Performance.



These pre-reads are picked as examples of short pieces that might serve as mental ice-breakers to help school teams and district leaders both understand why high school redesign is needed and think more broadly, beyond standard responses, as to how that might be achieved. They will help inform discussion throughout our two days together, and will be adressed in one of the sessions.

Going to school is optional: Schools need to engage students to increase their lifetime opportunities is a report featured on the Brookings website by authors Jing Liu, Doctoral student, Economics of Education – Stanford Graduate School of Education and Susanna Loeb Nonresident Senior Fellow – Economic Studies, Center on Children and Families.
Click to Read the Report


Don’t Call Them Dropouts A report from America’s Promise Alliance and its Center for Promise at Tufts University attempts to understand the experiences of young people who leave high school before graduation.
Download the Reports (PDF)





The Influence of Teaching Beyond Standardized Test Scores: Engagement, Mindsets, and Agency comissioned by the Raikes Foundation, the Achievement Gap Initiative (AGI) at Harvard Universtiy conducted over 300,000 Tripod surveys across 16,000 sixth and ninth grade classrooms offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn from what’s working in teachers’ classrooms.
Download the Report (PDF)




Teacher Views and Voices the Center on Education Policy (CEP), in an effort to gather and amplify teachers’ voices about current education issues and their own profession, conducted a national survey of public school K-12 teachers in the winter of 2015-16. The survey focused on a strategic set of issues for policy-makers, educators, business leaders, and the public, including teachers’ views on their profession, standards, testing, and evaluations.
Download the Report (PDF)




  • Ten Biggest Breakthroughs in the Science of Learning This article, originally published by, shares the 10 most significant breakthroughs that recent research has made on the science of learning, providing valuable insights on how to make the best use of your brain without wasting energy.
    Download the Article (PDF)
  • How to Keep Kids Excited About School U.S. schools face an ongoing challenge: As students get closer to high school graduation, their enthusiasm for school falls. Gallup Student Poll has discovered that fifth graders are the most engaged with school, while 11th graders are the least.
    Download the Article (PDF)
  • What America Can Learn from Israel’s Peripheral Communities appearing in Forbes, June 2017 written by Eliana Rudee a fellow with the Haym Salomon Center, a news and public policy group.
    Download the Article (PDF)
  • In Praise of the Incomplete Leader Have you ever feigned confidence to superiors or reports? Hidden the fact you were confused by the latest business results or blindsided by a competitor’s move? If so, you’ve bought into the myth of the complete leader: the  flawless being at the top who’s got it all figured out.
    Download the Article (PDF)
  • Gallup Student Poll National Report through a Web-based survey administered in America’s schools, cities and school districts are partnering with Gallup and America’s Promise Alliance to gather sound, actionable data that can explain and address the graduation crisis.
    Download the Report (PDF)
  • Measuring the Hope, Engagement, and Well Being of America’s Students a Gallup student poll which provides students with a forum to express the opportunities and challenges in their daily lives.
    Download the Report (PDF)
  • Survey Results a survey by Dr. Marc Brackett, director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence explored how young people currently feel and how they want to feel in school.
    Download the Results (PDF)