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CSHSC Information & Resources

Cross State High School Collaborative

Program Information & Resources

The Cross State High School Collaborative is using the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) to create high schools that help communities thrive in the 21st Century. The CSHSC hopes to achieve this goal by:

  • A hopeful, positive, future-orientated framework to design high schools for the 21st Century rather than being seen as failed schools in need of reform
  • The goal is not a high school diploma but strong pathways through high school to post-secondary and adult success for all students
  • Use an Evidence-based, but locally customized/orientated plan for redesign—not one way for all
  • Address stress and scarcity through capacity building and technical assistance partners tightly aligned to community’s redesign vision and goals
  • Break social isolation via cross-state networks of schools facing similar challenges by providing opportunities for school leaders to travel to see other possibilities
  • In high needs communities make the redesigned high school the center of community economic development and social integration efforts

The resources on this page help communicate the vision, goals, key ideas, work plans, etc. of the seven state collaborative. There are also valuable outreach and needs assessment resources available.

The section titled, CSHSC Participating States & Partners contains resources submitted from the seven participating states.

CSHSC At-a-Glance

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Communication Resources

CSHSC Overview & Goals

Quadrant Shifts Posters
These posters were displayed at the CSHSC High School Redesign Forum in November, 2017.

To download, click on the image then right-click your mouse button to reveal the “Save Image As” function.




Outreach to Schools & Districts


Needs Assessment

  • Needs Assessments for Low-Performing High Schools this PowerPoint provides guidance for using needs assessments to support high school redesign, including: logic of school improvement, how school redesign differs from school improvement, how ESSA needs assessments need to be different for low-performing high schools, what is the goal of needs assessments in supporting high school redesign, and many more!
    Download the Report (PDF)
    Download the Report (MSPPT)


Resources from CSHSC Participating States & Partners

The resources below are valuable aides submitted by CSHSC’s participating seven states.